About Evelt Web Solutions

Humble beginnings
Evelt was launched out of a beautiful cabin in Lincoln NH. We moved our HQ to NYC later that year. We specialize in effective cloud-based solutions for small to mid-size companies.

Solid Technologies
Using cloud tech to develop internal and external systems that work, We work within large and mid-size companies to reduce friction, adding magnitudes of efficiency, We are proud of the work we've done, and if you are the right match for us, we look forward to making you Lean, Mean, and as efficient as possible.

Change is fast. You can be faster!

Our Team of Consultants, Developers, and Designers are constantly looking for the best of the best in all business and organizational disciplines. We only work with clients that demonstrate trustworthiness and an understanding of what technology is capable of. We achieved landmark goals by never taking the easy way out.

Trusted, Tested, and Efficient

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